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Book ‘Goddess & Whore’ listed among top notable books in poetry


with every tiny step i have dared to take, as a compulsive dreamer in the real world, i have remained immensely grateful to those who have taken notice of me and cared enough to nudge me on as a writer. and so, to be mentioned by someone as respected as Sudeep Sen is like a huge motivation for me. to watch my first book – Goddess & Whore – being listed among ‘notable books’ and alongside illustrious publishers like the Sahitya Akademi is indeed a humbling experience. coming from someone who mostly explores and expresses her thoughts through stories and essays, these musings were like sharing the most personal and vulnerable side of myself. since a couple of these musings were written during my school and college days, this body of work reflects the metamorphosis of my innermost being over the years…

besides, it’s always reassuring to know that we are still surrounded by secure people who can lend a word of encouragement. and it truly means the world to me. #grateful