Psychedelic Desires: Ad For A Suitable Companion



An educated, emancipated and feisty woman seeks a suitable companion who possesses qualities that rarely meet the naked eye and who values the same subtleties in others and in life. She eagerly looks for a friend who values the simplest things in life like the scent of wet mud, the quiet night sky, or the touch of cold breeze just before a heavy downpour. She seeks a comrade who can count on her on the gloomiest days and celebrate with her during moments of inspiring madness.

She seeks a friend who, just like his companion, is able to follow the simple expedient of preserving his dignity and propriety before he ventures to vindicate himself; one who has the strength to speak his mind, the patience to hold back his judgement, and the intelligence to tell the difference. She is in search of someone who has the compassion to understand, and the humility to feel gratitude; a person who shares a delightful sense of humour and a selective bad memory, qualities that neatly qualify as indispensable for a beautiful friendship.

Above all, she looks for a companion who has the eyes to look beyond the whiteness of the skin or the curves of the hips and thighs, whose smile does not rely on the size of his wallet, whose mind can soar above the clouds even on the cloudiest day, and who can laugh and love sans a single petty condition. She seeks a friend who can accept and rejoice in a companionship along with its differences; a person who can forgive and yet retain the ability to suffer remorse after hurting another. She seeks a person who notices the unbearable weight of a single teardrop or the unsettled glance of a pair of eyes that refuses to sleep.

She desires a knowledgeable mind that thrives on the perpetual hunger for greater wisdom and a thirst for the finer arts; one whose existence relies heavily on the power of spiritual wisdom and the exploration and appreciation of the unfathomable beauty of nature. She seeks a person who has an independent mind yet possesses the strength to confess his complete dependence on his companion out of love. She seeks a person who lends more air to her wings as she makes her flight, while he too possesses wings of his own and has a flight to make. But most importantly, she desires a companion who, just like her, is determined to work on a relationship with patience, compassion and hope, and give it everything it needs just like raising a young child.

Our girl promises the same commitments to her companion-to-be even as she also assures that a constant disregard for the other’s sense-of-pride could be a single unfortunate reason to dissolve everything that could have mattered, only for a handful of things that should not have mattered at all. This alliance will only survive until it is carefully carried with care and not unmindfully dragged by its hair.

Last but not the least, she is open to both men and women from any cultural background to contact her for this possibly lifelong alliance. Additional attributes and qualities like practical self-reliance and knowledge of music and poetry, love for food and travel, though not absolutely essential, will be preferred…rest all remains immaterial.

Β© Madhurima Duttagupta 2013


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  1. Well, let’s just say this person she desires is not mythical. But yes, patience will be a priceless virtue for her to hold while she goes on this search mission!

    Such lovely sentences you wrote!

    • well, most of what rests deep inside our hearts and minds are ‘mythical’ by common logic, is it not? πŸ™‚ or is that instead, the only glimpse of reality within us? …just a thought.

  2. Such people/men exists but very rare and I have found these qualities in my life partner and it is a reality (and touch wood):-) like a gem..Very well written…

    • Bhavana, i am sure that it also has a lot to do with the person you are πŸ™‚ …touchwood for both of you! πŸ™‚

      I am glad you could relate to this…very few do anyway…

  3. haha…our eternal romance with desires, and continuous negotiation with the biting reality. Is it a part of book you are writing, or a random visual sketch?

    • well put, Harsh πŸ™‚ …though, which one is in fact the actual reality (desires or what we think is reality) is still unclear to me πŸ˜‰ and i choose to leave it that way :)..

      Well, may be someday when my opinions will count, i’d love to toss these ad hoc rumblings into a book… The book that is scheduled to release is a collection of contemporary poems – socially relevant, bold and unapologetic…

      • Well argued Madhurima πŸ˜‰ now that you have successfully managed to pull me into the philosophical orbit, I must state that I believe what is in the present moment is the reality. I am an ardent believer/fan of the Bhagavad Gita and the Buddha teachings, both of which urge us to practice one-pointedness of mind (yogi-ilke) of free from sensual pleasures and desires. If I sound transcendental, I must confess I am a crying slave to the soothing desires of my very vivid mind. But being ‘in present’ is what I believe in.

        Just to quote:

        One, never in truth, can a yogi become
        ‘Till he’s free from the senses’ oppressing thumb

        Looking forward to your book !!!

        • I do agree in living in the present, which simply means ‘accepting the moment/ people/ ourselves’ just like an infant does. However, to believe that the entire concept of ‘present’ is unidimensional and in its entirety seems a bit naive to me. Isn’t my desires a part of my present? Shouldn’t I be accepting it too without judging them or outrightly dismissing them? aren’t they the ‘real’ me that makes me or my ‘present’? Then how can I accept the present without knowing/ accepting my desires? What constitutes the present anyway? Apologies in advance for the cryptic ramblings…not sure if I am able to make my point here..

          Desires are often who we really are in the present (due to reasons that may run across several births perhaps). It is often that part of us that is clouded by morality and other hogwash…things that thrive on petty guilt.

          On a much lighter note, I believe that vulnerability is the only way to experience life from the closest distance… and I would like to rejoice in it before I am ready to renounce it and detach myself. πŸ™‚

          PS: good to know that i have at least one person now who would consider reading my book πŸ˜‰

          • I am not at a level to define the shouldnts and shoulds of life. I think nobody can. We all try to untie the biting knots of life to attain more peaceful or shall I say fulfilling life. Honestly, I dont have definite answers to your questions. There are some beliefs that I carry that have helped me in some ways in my own life. From being worrisome to be slightly wholesome; from being with a wandering mind to a bit of focussed mind. Yes, I practice some spiritual exercises with ephemeral benefits.

            My beliefs are basis some teachings of the Buddha. I read this wonderful and highly-recommendable book Old Path, White Clouds, reading which was a therapeutic in its own way. Having said that, I think Renunciation and Detachment are very deep and huge words to be used. To be detached 24*7 is for me a very remote possibility. I like what Osho says: “My attitude to life is always of celebration, irrespective of the situation.”

            Its been a few years since I have taken to spiritual books and beliefs. Since then, I have been anthropological enough to evaluate thought processes and beliefs of other persons, largely my family and friends. Most of us, like yours truly, rely upon external elements for happiness or utopian visuals (like this blog post) for sensual pleasures – such highs have their lows, that I can confidently profess. Also, I have come to believe “to each his own”. Let’s face it, that such fanciful thoughts stem from a deep-rooted desire which manifests into compelling visuals, which in turn calm the burning emotional/mental/sensual needs. With time, as we have noticed with us and others, such thoughts become a part of our sense-habits, an addiction. Are these any different from substance addiction? Only in physical form. Even alcohol or drug is need of the mind, not the body. If may refer to yogic, Buddhist or even Aryan teachings once again, they all inspire us to attain a state of equilibrium or equanimity, where the mind is unaffected by the onslaught of happiness or sadness; excitement or depression.

            P:S Please do notify when the book is out πŸ™‚ Keep writing.

          • Hmmmmm…. ‘utopian visuals’ …profound. pleaded guilty *smile*

            just that my muse rests in the unsettling vulnerabilities somewhere within these visuals… like the shifting shade ‘n sun upon one’s bare face…

            ** my next blog is dedicated to you, my friend.

            PS: will let you know *smiles nervously*

          • I could not find ‘reply link’ below your reply (did you de-activate it ?) so commenting here:

            Did I read that right? A blog post dedicated to me? Shall I be flattered or scared? πŸ˜‰ Fingers crossed for this one!!!

            Oh yes, and about romancing that imaginary figure, here’s a somewhat relevant quote from Oscar Wilde that has managed to stay in my head ever since I first read: “To love yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

            Stay well πŸ™‚

          • Haha, how do you deactivate a link? And what link?? No clue… Anyway glad you forged your way ahead and voiced your opinion nonetheless – way to go! πŸ˜‰

            Yes, the next post is dedicated to the man who enjoys his rides along the ‘spiritual orbit’. I would imagine you to be sporting a detached composure (no?? :D)…though seeing you flattered or even nervous would only add colour to my ‘utopic visuals’ …jokes apart, the blog loiters around similar grounds that seem to interest you and me…hence…

            As for the romance bit…I am beginning to feel sorry for that word that is often judged by its most apparent face-value in spite of the zillion other meanings it carries within it… Just like most of us. Either ways, loved the quote! πŸ™‚

          • What has just struck my mind is that you ought to be thankful to me for that ‘idea’ for the next blog post. I think I’d put a pause to your philosophical/spiritual/metaphysical/ arguements here, and save some fuel for the next blog post, which I must emphasise, I eagerly look forward to πŸ˜‰ Please do tweet/email me when it’s published.

  4. If you should happen to find him could you possibly inquire as to whether or not he has a brother? If he does, would you kindly point him in my direction?

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