The God I Saw


an infant i saw

under the staggering light

of the earthen lamp

on that still callous night…

when meaning had crept

out of every human heart

when hopelessness ‘n’ remorse

had ripped open every vulnerable part…
she had arrived
to save us all

and lead us
to a fresh new start

no weapon she bore

not a crown she wore

only a pure innocent heart…

patient ears to hear our woes

dark eyes that exuberated joy

her four little hands held aloft

a book

a flower

a flute

a toy…

yet familiar to me she seemed

while in blinding radiance she beamed

i recalled alas
that frail ‘n’ hungry cry

of a newborn girl

discarded and left to die…

(another poem from Madhurima’s book ‘Goddess & Whore‘)

© Madhurima Duttagupta 2013

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    • surely not more haunting than what happens in reality, where several infant girls are killed… simply because they are girls??!! so tragic, don’t you think?

      • compassion

        instead of

        cold calculations


        human life shouldn’t be


        by asking Y or X


        my sister adopted

        a daughter from china

        because it tore her heart

        hearing people killing infants

        simply because

        they are girls

        • Totally agree with your words. Compassion is the way out.

          So proud of your sister… Wish more people could do this… Rejection of girl children is a rampant problem across several places in Asia and Africa esp…

  1. someone who has humanity can never hurt a girl child , I am a father of a two year old girl and I very gladly except that she has made me more expressive, more polite , more sensitive and I am looking forward to see many more jewels in her treasure. I believe I will try to wear these jewels to be a better person in life.
    your poem has really touched the father in me

    • In my last comment I typed except for accept ………ignore it …yet not use to typing on phone ….hope u understand what I wanted to say .

    • Hey Siddharaj! I can totally understand how you feel about this. Your daughter must be so lucky to have got such a wonderful daddy like you, who can appreciate and value the finer details in life. My love and best wishes to your little one…

      As for the point you make on humanity – spot on. Humanity alone can redeem us…and help us reclaim our spiritual superiority as humans that we seem to have forgotten somewhere…

      PS: typos are my forte! chill 😉 I am glad the poem appealed to you.

  2. In my last comment I typed except for accept ………ignore it …yet not use to typing on phone ….hope u understand what I wanted to say .

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