Romance II

Source: Google Images

Source: Google Images

(another poem from Madhurima’s book ‘Goddess & Whore‘)

the satin sponge
that smells of talc
sets the stage
for the act to start
for day after day
it waits on me
to mask my flaws
with its magic touch…
the contour brush
with its gentle strokes
runs its fingers
o’er my neck and cheek
it teases me
like an ol’ lover i know
it can sculpt me
fierce or meek…
the dark chic stance
of the liner’s tip
kisses mine eyes
with its soothing moist lip
like a childhood pal
it reaches within
and quietly discovers
the dreamer in me…
my oldest romance
the charcoal stick
loyally guards
the defenceless in me
as it traces my eyes
with its own dark song
seeking to cloak the tale
that remains untold in me…
the lovely lipstick
tries to stay
within the space
in me she fills
yet time and again
its mind does stray
and once again
the colour spills…

(another poem from Madhurima’s book ‘Goddess & Whore‘)

© Madhurima Duttagupta 2013


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    • Hey Noora, it’s so encouraging to receive this message from a talented poet like you. Yes it will be available internationally. I will surely keep you posted on the book’s due-date 🙂 thanks! M

  1. A poetry book! That’s great news! Congrats and wish you success. I’m yet to read a book of poems. Hopefully yours would be the first one 🙂

    • Thanks Soumyajit! I am both nervous and excited to know that you might be reading my book of poems, which should be available internationally later this year. I hope you do find your read worthwhile, should you choose to read it. Take care…

  2. Madhurima… Just today I started reading your posts.. And I have spent the entire day doing just that (And mind you its a Monday and I am at work :P).. Your writing is extremely engaging.. Would love to read your book..

    • I am extremely flattered and humbled by your comment! I am literally floating in mid air!!! Thank you, thank you and thank you 🙂 The pleasure is all mine; I am glad those words made some sense. Your words remind me of how I would thrive on hot chocolate for lunch, on work days, just to finish the book I was reading…. 🙂

      Will keep you posted on the book front. I am hoping I won’t be disappointing you… *smiles nervously*

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