Poetry Vs Cigarettes


(another poem from Madhurima’s book ‘Goddess & Whore‘)

click click
click click…
the keys of my laptop
no less of a poet
echo their only rhyme
only to celebrate
my words
that have just been born
as i suck the bitter air
from my lit tobacco stick…
its tiny red ambers
like rubies breathe
alive and ablaze
each time i filter
a lung full of fresh air through it
but they reduce to soft ashes
soon after
and collapse
disillusioned discoloured
as i set the smoke free
from my lips
that provokes once again
my senses…
fifty thousand words
‘n a million cigarette puffs
it has cost and earned me
yet i argue on
with questionable irritationβ€”
why these damned cigarettes
sell more than my poetry!
deep within though
i have a nagging doubt
if it’s my vanity
that seeks solace
and similarity
with the bitter taste
of the burning tobacco
that reduces quietly to ashes…

Β© Madhurima Duttagupta 2013


28 responses »

    • the very thought of you reading my poems make me nervous since you are such wonderful poet yourself…(apologies in advance for ripping your stitches, if i have) πŸ™‚

        • Exciting? It is an ass-grinding ego-smashing and self-discovering process to say the least… absolutely nothing even remotely poetic about it 😦 … But ya, I’m hoping the result will be worth all the grind…

          Haha not missing with your head dude ….

    • Thanks a ton Mike. I am so thrilled to receive this complement from a wonderful poet like you. I simply love your bold style of writing! In fact, it was so good to find another writer who experiments with sentence structures sans punctuations and uppercases… – Madz

      • I’m all over the place in terms of style and influences but avant-garde and experimental poetry styles certainly dominate my work at this stage. Thing about poetry- it’s what YOU want it to be, and so be it I say.

        • So true! Poetry for me is who I am. Sometimes it is even that dark or eccentric side of me that even I hadn’t known… The avant-garde and experimental poetry styles somehow appeal to the radical or unconventional me. But yes, I do agree, poetry would barely be poetry without the “classical”…

  1. Congrats on gettin’ a book together. I’ve been tryin’ since 2001 but could never really finish enough poems to fill an entire book. I wish you all the best. Lovely poem.

    • yes, it is quite an intense experience to compile a book πŸ™‚ …more often, very unpoetic! Thanks for your best wishes. I really need them. cheers!

  2. You know what? The question struck me: “Why these damned cigarettes sell more than my poetry!” Good question. I’m wondering the same. Very lovely piece! πŸ™‚

    • So good to know that I ain’t the only one with this seemingly-inconsequential question πŸ™‚

      btw I really enjoyed reading your blog…hope to stop by frequently πŸ˜‰

      • I smoke as I write, and at least my poetry collection is barely selling…and it does cost less than the smokes… I think I’m underwater. Thank you, kindly, and I will. You’ve a pretty interesting blog, too. πŸ™‚

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